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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

GQ July 2017

Final illustration for GQ July Edition. The article talked about the various Gaming tournaments and their following in india and abroad. Few colour concepts were presented before selecting the final composition...the article was going to refer to the game DOTA so for roughs comps i used characters from the game...While working on the final image, i was going back and forth a bit adding bit of shadows and light and finally redrew the girl entirely. I wish had done something else for the fire throwing effect....may be next time.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Life Drawing session - 10th july 2017

Bit of learning between a hectic work schedule can only give much required wind to the dying fire.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Breaking the Habit


Since some time now I have been craving to work on paper with pencil and colours. May be because all of my commercial work is getting done digitally and I am missing the traditional medium a bit. Also this time I want to break my habits of drawing. So I am doing some sketches in between work. These are usually done in a bust and with a break time of about half or one hour. My primary focus is to be less controlling while doing these sketches. Usually I have always drawn in a certain way and I want to move away from that way of drawing. it might take some time to even break this habit but I guess it will be more fun to unlearn. Hope you like these sketches. Let me know your thoughts

Monday, May 25, 2015

Colourful aliens of CAZO

Hi all

Its summer time for kids and its brought a lot of play time, story time, eat amba time, jump around and scream in the afternoon time, eat gola time and only if you are lucky then sit at one place and colour time.

I am really excited to introduce you to my alien friends from CAZO. They were all colourful beings but they exhausted their natural resources and the planet lost its zing.  Along with the planet they too lost their spunk. Suddenly one day as they woke up they all screamed in unison. As they all found out all at once that they had lost their colours. Imagine their plight and the noise they must have created. Imagine if this happened to us on earth it might solve a lot of our problems but for them...for them it was the ultimate sadness. So they started sending out SOS using radio messages. Some how their message managed to reach my radio which was tuned to vividhbharti as I was working late night. I casually told them that our kids could help them regain some of their joy. little did I know that all of them will start teleporting down each day on my work desk...Now I need your help to help them.

so here is what we will do. I will be sharing a high rez A4 work sheet everyday for next ten days. You can download it from here and print it out and let your awesome sons or daughters colour it. it would be even better if you could cook up your own stories while they colour. Since these are going to be digital copies, you can make multiple prints and your awesome kids could create more than one option for our friends to pick from. if along the way you get excited then colour a couple of these yourselves.

All these worksheets are absolutely FREE FREE FREE. Do not be shy and share with all your friends and relatives with kids. Let the kids take a flight of imagination and have awesome fun.

So come everyday and greet a new alien from CAZO.

Day 1 is for KoKo Ya to get his zing back.
Day 2 is for GoGo Po to get some love

Day 3 is for YaYa To for enjoying
Day 4 is for Yu Yu Ko to get its groove back
 Day 5 is for Yu Mo Ti to get back his confidence
Day 6 is for Ma Mo Ji to get some funk back
Day 7 is the day when Ti Ki To will find his true colours

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Kaamotsav Volume 1

My artbook KAAMOTSAV Volume 1 is now available for purchase online.
You can get the book now for only Rs 480.00 (Use discount coupon code - nosign01).
Signed copies with signed sketch cards for only Rs.599.00. (sketches on sketchards are not available in the book and are given out in this combo as companion piece)
get your copies from here

The book is a small collection of my erotic artworks. The book is A5 in size and has 32 page + one double page spread. It collects 29 unique artworks. All copies sold through instamojo will be signed copies and will have two additional sketch cards which are also signed. The sketchcards have different illustration and its not included in the book so its a perfect companion piece to complete the collection.

If you want any particular image as art print in any custom size then do mail me regarding price. My email id is :

Hope you guys like this book.