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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ad campaign for PARLE NIMKIN biscuits

This is a set of three images i created for PARLE NIMKIN ads. The client wanted to use it in various sizes for outdoor and print. I had to work in a way where the layout can be mutated and yet the essence remains the same. Finally i opted to work on individual characters and background pieces in as many layers as possible so later it can be adopted in various sizes. The three ads were set to release in three different states but later on the client released the ad in more places.
This was lot of work happening very fast but it was real good fun...I enjoyed this entire assignment very much. There is lot of bad drawing in there i need to work towards not repeating the same mistakes again.

Concept art for a movie pitch

These pieces along with few more were created for a movie pitch. The directors wanted to share the flavor of the film with the producers. After few meetings and thumbnails we zeroed on the main set of images and characters to design. It was a short project yet highly enjoyable one. I had always opted to colour images in flat colours. But for these images a certain mood was required. I looked at it as an opportunity to learn to paint. It was real good learning experience...I guess i will have to do atleast 200 such pieces before i am able to paint decent stuff.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ONCE UPON A WARRIOR comic book adaptation

This project is very special for me in many ways. 'Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu'(Once upon a warrior in english) is a telugu/tamil film directed by Prakash Rao Kovelamudi and produced by A Bellyful of Dreams Production and DISNEY. The film is driven by fantastic visuals. Extremely talented Raj Golay was production designer for this project and had designed some really awesome characters and set ideas.
People at Disney supported this comic book project which is straight adaptation of the film. Raj worked on the first half of the book and i took over from page 34 onwards.It was 39 pages pencils to inks in two months time. I tried to push my art as much as i could in this one and the project has been a great learning experience.
I need to loosen up my pencils and use time to ink the pages is the lesson i have learnt from this. I have also done the cover and worked on end credits for the film. Here i am sharing all the art with you guys.