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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back from the cave

Hi people.

It has been and long long long time in the cave. It took me almost eight months to wrap up AGENT VINOD -THE JUNGFRAU ENCOUNTER comic project. The book was almost 68 pages long and i have pencilled - inked and partly coloured the book. It was also a huge break from more lucrative regular work of storyboards. So after almost a year of sabbatical from storyboard, i did take up few assignments for old clients and some new ones. It has been crazy since last month. Almost about 7 brands and almost 13 films. Some long and some short. But it was good fun working on some of these. Especially i enjoyed Sparx Shoes board. Uzer's film has awesome action and its always fun to work on an action oriented storyboard. So here are all of them getting shared in one post. Hope you guys like these.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hi People

i have been busy with our comic book AGENT VINOD - THE JUNGFRAU ENCOUNTER. The story is created ground up by Yogesh Chandekar who is also the writer of our FEAST AND OTHER VISIONS OF MALEVOLENCE project. He has done some awesome writing on the book which you all will only get to enjoy when the book gets to you. Here visit the mini site of our Agent Vinod comic book to see images and read about the project. What more you can pre order your copy from the link on the web site.
Kindly let us know your thoughts regarding the project in the feedback section.
Hope the story stays with you long after you have finished reading the book.!