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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Kaamotsav Volume 1

My artbook KAAMOTSAV Volume 1 is now available for purchase online.
You can get the book now for only Rs 480.00 (Use discount coupon code - nosign01).
Signed copies with signed sketch cards for only Rs.599.00. (sketches on sketchards are not available in the book and are given out in this combo as companion piece)
get your copies from here

The book is a small collection of my erotic artworks. The book is A5 in size and has 32 page + one double page spread. It collects 29 unique artworks. All copies sold through instamojo will be signed copies and will have two additional sketch cards which are also signed. The sketchcards have different illustration and its not included in the book so its a perfect companion piece to complete the collection.

If you want any particular image as art print in any custom size then do mail me regarding price. My email id is :

Hope you guys like this book.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

18 Day - Nakul and Sehadev's big adventure

Mahabhart the indian epic is full of characters and their own quest. We read about most characters in fair detail. Even through contemporary mediums we see and hear the same story told with additions of perspectives. Yet all the time some of the characters are less talked about. Off course the most least discussed character list from mahabhart could be topped by youngest pandu twins Nakul an Sehadev. Mighty elder bothers like Yudhisthir, Arjun and Bheem are always in the spotlight and nakul and sehadev are always standing in the shadows of these giants. So in this story we spend some time with the twins. They go off on a tiny adventure of their own and we accompany them on their escapade. This story was fun for me as it had few elements i really love.

 Will be sharing more pages once the episode is released.

You can check these pages and head to watch the web episode at Graphic India's you tube channel.

Friday, February 21, 2014

18 Days - Bheem in exile flashback sequence.


Last month i was busy working on this short 14 page project. It was a flashback sequence of bheem and his son gatotkatch. Here i am sharing few of the final pages and thumbnails i did for the same. Graphic India's You tube channel has the entire story split in three parts Episode 30-31-32. There are two videos shared here. The third one you can check and fine on the you tube.
 Hope you guys like this.

Monday, February 17, 2014

SHOLAY : Short stories for the Graphic Novel

SHOLAY has a very special place in history of hindi film history. A film full of well crafted and well played characters. The producers of this film recently released a Theatrical 3D version with remastered sound and added effects. Along with the release of the film the producers also wanted to create original graphic novel based on the property. Graphic India was developing two graphic novels for this project. Out of these two, one was a collection of short stories where we get a glimpse into stories of many secondary characters of the film. Writer Saurav Mohapatra (Mumbai Macguffin, Mumbai Confidential) crafted a bunch of great stories for this collection. I was given opportunity to interpret 3 of these stories. Each with a different lead characters and very different themes. First one was a fun incident during a celebration in ramgarh, Second was a story by Soorma bhopali and third was a story of the dancer from song Mehbooba. Since all three stories had a very different mood, i decided to work in different styles. Also it was suppose to be a bit of an experiment as well. In the beginning i did a bit of character explorations for each of these stories. Here i am sharing few of those character explorations as well as final coloured pages with you. The art was Pencilled, Inked and coloured by me.

The book is available for purchase here: