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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Audio Visual Presentation For Unilever India

This was a little off the track kind of concept presented to corporate client. The Creatives from JWT wanted to make the AV based on superhero theme. Usually the Client would make an AV using footage and images from various place. This time they wanted to do something very different. So this had to done in a way where Unilever will buy into the idea.

These were the roughs done before starting onto the final to show the agency and client the look and feel we were trying to nail for the AV.

These are the final images used in the AV. Minimal animation was done on few images.
This assignment was completed in a weeks time starting from client approval on roughs to delivering the final product.

Storyboard for Bates

This was a quick assignment that happened over two days as the ad agency had to present it to the client in hurry. Good Fun. Very short time so i had figure out techniques that will still make the overall board work visually. I love the slow mo car moving shots with the citylights reflacting on the body. Had seen a really amazing shot in the movie REVOLVER by genius guy ritchie where the car is moving in slow mo top shot and the lights r reflacted on the surface and moving almost like a belly dancer would move..really really awesome shot..I want to see how its done for this film will be a sort of challenge for the director i guess.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For GQ Magazine

This piece was done for GQ Mag. Its a man's fashion magazine. this was for the Style Shrink section where readers style releted questions are answered by the stylist. this perticular question was about what kind of jacket might go with a perticular kind of trousers for evening wear.

few rough concets were submited and then the final illustration was done. Enjoyed this assignment as i realised this is a window to do some really different work from the comic/concept stuff i am usually working on. looking forward to work on more of these as it will give me space to expriment with my work.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

samsung mobile storyboard

Recently did board for samsung mobile phone ad for 30 seconds of fame. Director Uzer Khan. i tried out using actual backgrounds from location reiki and refs provided by the director. It helped in finishing the assignment fast with more accuracy. I am beginning to love working like this for boards as it gives a very clean final frames. earlier i did boards on paper and in certain small areas i had to compromise as drawing details were not possible. I am treating these storyboard assignments as a platform to learn and discover new working methods. It also provides a window to do something different from my graphic novel work. i am enjoying this atleast for now