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Monday, April 5, 2010

Zoom in

These were done long time ago. This set of illustrations were done for JWT. Its for a booklet for nikon zoom lenses...Idea was to create a seamless zoom in kind of from a very wide shot of the city we are zooming in and the scene keeps changing as the sequence progresses...I enjoyed illustrating these. The effect is more evident if all these images play in a slide show format.

GQ Assignments for APRIL

These were pieces for GQ april issue.
Sex talk spoke about how there is no perfect 10 when it comes to sex...Good looks might not mean great sex...True...So i did like 3 roughs for it exploring various ideas. Shrink was very straightforward...So here are the roughs and final illustrations for you to see.
Starting from april i am doing few infographics for GQ...these are real fun to work on and sometimes very very challenging...Such was the case with the illustration for one of the article...basically it spoke about packing your suit butler style...I did some roughs but those were not what the art director wanted...Finally they suggested we go extremely simple and do it in one frame rather then doing multiple or two frames...
so this was it...
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Its a great stress buster...Draw what you like...Just a quick sketch and colour in between hectic work for money. Hope to do a finished version of the same sometime soon...there are few other thumbnails i need to refine those...Hope to learn a few tricks from doing these pieces more often.