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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Feast Website

Hi All, hope you guys are doing fine. Yogesh has assembled a website for FEAST and other visions of malevolence. Here you can get complete info about the idea and creators associated with the project...We will be starting to work on the pages from January 2010 and then on will keep uploading previews/behind the scene stuff online on the wesite. So bookmark it and stay with us on the journey we are about to begin.

Hope you guys like this

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

GQ Sex talk for the december 2009

This month the article spoke about the combination of sex and luxury. How the most expencive hotels are made for great sex. For this one i wanted the piece to have a grand and lavish feel. As i did some scribbles i felt strongly for the one that was set in a rajasthani palace. With just the rough drawings i wanted to quickly do some colour test to jsut see how the feel can be enhanced...I don't know why but images from Tarsem Singh's 'THE FALL' were coming to my head...the strong colours against wide open spaces. I added red curtains and then some candles. Here i am sharing the roughs with the final piece. Hope you guys like this. let me know your thoughts.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Feast and other visions of malevolence

character explorations and four final pages from the story "The Feast". I will be working on three stories "The Feast", "The beckoning" and "Good Boys Come Home Before Dark"...we are discussing few technical details of the project with the publisher...We shall reveal the details once we finish the contratual formalities...And we have few other thoughts by which we want to make these stories available to wider audience...Just wait for some more time and we shall share further details with everyone here and on our website.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

GQ sex talk November

For the month of november sex talk was the opener of the section so for the first time i had lot of space to use.This assignment took some revisions and lot of realisations. The article was very very bold talking about various aspects of making love with explicit refrences to various positions. I felt it can be explored as bluntly visually too. Did the first round of roughs and it was approved...i finished the illustration...but then it was election time here and the editor did not want to take any chances where any political party can exploite the opportunity and attack their office...he felt it was too LOUD...could have been bold but it was Loud...I did realise he was right..i did a quick revision and the entire piece was redone as a different illustration. I liked it better.

Here are both versions. let me know what you guys think.

Monday, October 5, 2009

GQ Sex talk for October

This article talked about how 90% females are unsatisfied by their male partners and still do not protest about it just so male ego is not hurt. It talked about how a man can know his woman had a great or good time....and so on.
i thought no matter how well built or sleek the guy is if he is going to fail 90% of the time is satisfying her then he is just a play thing for her. I wanted her to feel and look like this nature godess who is not really impressed by him. so the concept was explored in two sketches and then taken on to final.
I enjoyed working on this one and learnt that i have to keep my eyes wide open while drawing next time i draw her foot. Shes become a bog foot here :) there is never a next time and i screwed it up here.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


This set of 40 illustrations was created for PICTURE THIS PRODUCTIONS.I was working for them for the first time and they wanted to make images to convey their film. The entire first pass was done ina storyboard manner but soon the directors felt that it was not communicating what they wanted to say. They took some time and came back with the idea of getting rid of the backgrounds in most of the places and keep the focus on characters and expression to that the focus will remain on the story.
It was a good learning experience for me as well as i did feel the approach they followed was spot on. I liked working on the drawings as it was the most fun part then on its all technical inks and colour.


These were created in lot of hurry for a friends wedding. He is a director with SODA FILMS and for his wedding he wanted to do some different invitation. After some discussion he came up with the ida of DVD dust jacket and inserts and he wanted to make it look like a film dvd. The 6 frames went for the cover. The couple on horse back was for the dvd back. One insert for sangeet card. And one for the envelope. Was a rush rush job for me as i was juggling between two other assignments. but in the end it was fun. Hope you guys like it.