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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

GQ Sex talk for the december 2009

This month the article spoke about the combination of sex and luxury. How the most expencive hotels are made for great sex. For this one i wanted the piece to have a grand and lavish feel. As i did some scribbles i felt strongly for the one that was set in a rajasthani palace. With just the rough drawings i wanted to quickly do some colour test to jsut see how the feel can be enhanced...I don't know why but images from Tarsem Singh's 'THE FALL' were coming to my head...the strong colours against wide open spaces. I added red curtains and then some candles. Here i am sharing the roughs with the final piece. Hope you guys like this. let me know your thoughts.


Vedha said...

Dear comics lovers,

It is very sad to inform you people that One of India's greatest ever comics artist Mr Govind Brahmania is No More.

May His soul rest in peace.(Info courtesy: Usman Bhai)

Govind Bramania (02-03-1938 - 09-12-2009) R.I.P

Pc Vikram said...

Fantastic art man !