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Friday, August 20, 2010

Storyboard for UZER KHAN

Hi this one was a mammoth board prepared to show the client directors version of their script. As always the agency script was very basic. Uzer wanted to present them a proper version of the same thing as to how he saw it happen in the film. Was real fun cracking the sequences one after another...This still has lot of loose ends.

The film finally never took off as the whole idea of cricket players being part of the show was the whole concept was tanked...Bad thing...
here it is for your viewing pleasure.

GQ assignments for AUG 2010

Regular bunch of stuff for the month of wanted to work on the slim pants kicking the baggy pants somehow had loved totally the madness in that piece...but the editorial team felt it was very comic. Love that piece so here it is for you guys to see.