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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kaya skin clinic storyboard

This was done for UZER KHAN through 30 sec of fame. Good fun no time.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

GQ Mag assignment 2

for my second assignment i get to work on the sex column. The article talks about various sex fetish people may have. Stuff written in were too funny or too gross. Pooping while having sex..One mans poop is another's chocolate...YUCKKKKKKkkk..
various stuff that would not be suitable for visual representation...there was some mention of wife wanting her hubby to dress up as teddy bear(this can be real considering how much chicks love teddie they might have their fantasies around it) i felt that exploring S&M would be a good idea as one mans pain is anothers pleasure...mixing it with weird clothing...The roughs shown here are gradual progression and improvisation of the same idea...Had loved the first rough but i covered her face there so the editor went for the third rough where we can see her face...The idea was to explore S&M concept in indian its a wedding night and the bride and bridegroom...finally the chudies and mangalsutra did not look cool so had to remove it...but i loved the tought..may be some other time will explore the concept further.

was good fun. may be you guys like it too.