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Thursday, February 1, 2007

ismile butcher

Meet mr. Ismile, you cross his line and u r dear body parts will be hanging in his factory. A butcher who upgraded to an underworld Don. Runs a very successful chain of mughlai restaurent called "daavat-e-khaas" only u wont be sure if u will be getting mutton kheema or manubhai keema as its also a means of clearing killed opponents for him. by the way mr Ismile is also happens to be a full time underword don. running even succesful chain of crimes and criminals. mainly hafta vasooli, supply of gas, illegal dealing in weapons and passports, supplying underpaid labor in the arab countries and many more business coundected under his name he even doesnt know it exists. he likes sufi music, funds heavily for slum kids education and health programmes as he was once one of them. growing up in the slums of dharavi and working for a butcher in his shop as a cleaner leter to be butcher and then to kill the owner and own his business then supplying the meat to various restaurents and so on.