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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

GQ assignments for FEB 2010

This time i got to work on some tiny HOW TO illustrations...The size of these illustrations was very small. Earlier i had done similar stuff in different style but now the art director wanted to add some colours to it...Was really a good opportunity to explore stuff from a minimal colouring style method...I have figured out a few things while working on these pieces..hopefully i might be able to use it in a bigger artwork...Lets see till then have a great time and keep coming back.

2 weeks, 4 directors, 8 films, 172 frames

As i was tied up with LIQUID COMICS project for last few months i was not accepting any assignments...It was almost 3 months since i did any boards. I was called many times but i kept refusing assignments...As liquid comics project was nearing its completion i got a call from SODA FILMS...they were working on two films and subject matter was interesting...I was tempted... First two boards were done for SODA FILMS - Director : RAJESH KRISHNAN...was good experience going for location recce and blocking shots...I should get to do that more often then i can perform better and upgrade my work...After that i did two different boards for 30 SEC OF FAME - Director : UZER KHAN...He was working on LG film and had got a storyboard made but was extremely unhappy with the quality as it did not capture any bit of what he wanted to do in his film...The LG board was done in 7 hours straight. Its mainly because the shots are mid sots and a lot of tilt and swing lense shots...then one more garnier film for UZER...after that 3 films for FOOTCANDLES FILMS - Director -AYAPPA...for the first time i did three films all for one client - one campaign but three different aspect ratios :)...may be the director wanted each film to feel different so this decision...then one more fair and lovely film for FOOTCANDLES another team Director - HIREN...Usual Unilever stuff so many things to take care of in that one...

all in all it was around two weeks, 4 directors, 8 films and 172 frames in total...
I have pushed myself to deliver frames upto all the directors vision for their films...It was great fun...more then the process of drawing/finishing the frames i love the process of brainstorming / decoding the film with directors.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GQ Assignments for Feb 2010

Hi people, I have been busy with work for Liquid comics thus there are hardly any updates on the blog...I am not taking up any other assignments then GQ. These were the pieces done for February month...Sex talk talks about planning a birthday surprise...Style shrink comments on if your shoes and tie need to match or no...
I had loved the style shrink piece but i saw the issue print a yellow patch has been printed it covers all the tonal values and its killed the simplicity of the illustration...Don't yet know if its a layout mistake or layout requirement.

Anyway here its all with the roughs so have a look and post your comments if any.