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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GQ Assignments for Feb 2010

Hi people, I have been busy with work for Liquid comics thus there are hardly any updates on the blog...I am not taking up any other assignments then GQ. These were the pieces done for February month...Sex talk talks about planning a birthday surprise...Style shrink comments on if your shoes and tie need to match or no...
I had loved the style shrink piece but i saw the issue print a yellow patch has been printed it covers all the tonal values and its killed the simplicity of the illustration...Don't yet know if its a layout mistake or layout requirement.

Anyway here its all with the roughs so have a look and post your comments if any.


Vidooshak said...

Love the banner. Very cool!!!

Might subscribe to GQ just to see your work, man,.....

Ashoo said...

ur work on GQ has been really cool.. has a nice retro feel with textures & psychedelic colors .. keep going!


Pc Vikram said...

Retro Funk monk shall be your new name ! Super.