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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mumbai macguffin

These were the first two images i had created for this project.....mainly i wanted to freeze on the look and feel for the whole project...CC's cab parked in a no parking zone became part of the story later on as he always parks his cab in a no parking zone in the story...fukku looks very healthy in this one but for the book i made him lean a bit more to his left.

These were the very first set of characters designed after the first draft of the story...sher khan and tithi dixhit couldn't make it to the final story.. instead 4 talibans and a gang of russian assians were added to the story

This one shows various stages of development for IKE's character...Since he was the lead character he needed to look right...from the start i wanted him to look like just another tourist in in the end everyone chose the orange kurta and cotton pajama look.

Mumbai macguffin

Mumbai macguffin

Mumbai Macguffin

working on this project was creatively very fulfilling as i got to collaborate with saurav mohapatra...his ideas and dialogues were really cool and funny. He described the characters in detail and it helped in designing the characters...once character designs were done i began working on the look of the city and colours and how it the story will look once its drawn in prime focus was to get the look of the city right...the crowd..the road signs...the needed to look authentic bombay the way it looks right now...the cityscape is a unique one as we see many 50-60 year old building surrounded by the skyscrappers...the story had very funny dialogues and it played a major part when i was styling the project...a slight toony touch in the expressions and the body language was added to suit the story...colours needed to showcase the vibrant streets of mumbai...The character development and drawing those characters panel by panel to tell a story was real good fun...I have enjoyed workin on this project massively… I have pencilled-inked-coloured this entire book so for me it was my first book where i got to finish my art from sketch to colour...hope you all enjoy reading it...


This was a six page backstory of KRATHA from DEVI issue 11. Not her origin but one small episode from her life that basically will make readers aware about her attitude and why shes not so bad inspite of being a negative character....

other designs are devi's dark sideeeeee daanvi...and tara mehrta's younger sister avani mehta.

The secret of seven sounds

Monday, September 8, 2008

The secret of seven sounds

The concept of "THE SECRET OF SEVEN SOUNDS" was in a very raw concept state when it was given to me. Already the character were designed but i felt that those were very ethnic looking so i tried out a different route and redesigned all the characters...the good part about the whole project was i got to give a lot of ideas from my end in terms of environments and characters...currently this is being made into a animated feature film...should be out in theatres by mid or end of 2009.

vetaal 2006

These images were created for "vetaal-the first vampire"in the year 2006.It was a concept by ashok banker...5issue miniseries horror/thriller story...The story took place in present day mumbai...i was very excited about it as it had lot of good elements and characters and i had an opportunity to showcase my city in a comic book...for some reasons the project did not go further then the visual development stage...These are some images from that project...It was a cool project and lots of fun.