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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mumbai Macguffin

working on this project was creatively very fulfilling as i got to collaborate with saurav mohapatra...his ideas and dialogues were really cool and funny. He described the characters in detail and it helped in designing the characters...once character designs were done i began working on the look of the city and colours and how it the story will look once its drawn in prime focus was to get the look of the city right...the crowd..the road signs...the needed to look authentic bombay the way it looks right now...the cityscape is a unique one as we see many 50-60 year old building surrounded by the skyscrappers...the story had very funny dialogues and it played a major part when i was styling the project...a slight toony touch in the expressions and the body language was added to suit the story...colours needed to showcase the vibrant streets of mumbai...The character development and drawing those characters panel by panel to tell a story was real good fun...I have enjoyed workin on this project massively… I have pencilled-inked-coloured this entire book so for me it was my first book where i got to finish my art from sketch to colour...hope you all enjoy reading it...

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