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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mumbai macguffin

These were the first two images i had created for this project.....mainly i wanted to freeze on the look and feel for the whole project...CC's cab parked in a no parking zone became part of the story later on as he always parks his cab in a no parking zone in the story...fukku looks very healthy in this one but for the book i made him lean a bit more to his left.

These were the very first set of characters designed after the first draft of the story...sher khan and tithi dixhit couldn't make it to the final story.. instead 4 talibans and a gang of russian assians were added to the story

This one shows various stages of development for IKE's character...Since he was the lead character he needed to look right...from the start i wanted him to look like just another tourist in in the end everyone chose the orange kurta and cotton pajama look.


Vidooshak said...

awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome

no other words.

Toonfactory said...

I second Vidooshak :)

King Viswa said...

very nice work buddy. Actually am very new to your blog. i got into Toonfactory's blog and was wondering that he is/was also in the Most happening world of FM Radio's. And then saw this link & boy what a work.

Keep it up. Let me have a link where i can follow this blog regularly. Now, have got some work (Have to look into all of your earlier work). Let me say Bye.

harshvardhan kadam said...

hey saumin..
the colored book looks awesome!
how are you doing? lets catch up sometime!