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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Feast and other visions of malevolence

character explorations and four final pages from the story "The Feast". I will be working on three stories "The Feast", "The beckoning" and "Good Boys Come Home Before Dark"...we are discussing few technical details of the project with the publisher...We shall reveal the details once we finish the contratual formalities...And we have few other thoughts by which we want to make these stories available to wider audience...Just wait for some more time and we shall share further details with everyone here and on our website.


Ashoo said...

Nice upload saumin.. Love the small details in the 70's style furniture & nuances of a middle class household..

I recall reading the " good boys come home b4 dark " as well discussing with yogesh about the story..

surely gr8 read & strong artwork to go along ! Keep rolling..

harshvardhan kadam said...

mast re!
wish things wud hv worked out when yogesh had started this project. majaa ali asti devlope karila malaa.

nice! and sex talks are good!

Raghu Gopalan said...

Soumin, Great sketches here.
Love it.