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Sunday, November 8, 2009

GQ sex talk November

For the month of november sex talk was the opener of the section so for the first time i had lot of space to use.This assignment took some revisions and lot of realisations. The article was very very bold talking about various aspects of making love with explicit refrences to various positions. I felt it can be explored as bluntly visually too. Did the first round of roughs and it was approved...i finished the illustration...but then it was election time here and the editor did not want to take any chances where any political party can exploite the opportunity and attack their office...he felt it was too LOUD...could have been bold but it was Loud...I did realise he was right..i did a quick revision and the entire piece was redone as a different illustration. I liked it better.

Here are both versions. let me know what you guys think.


Wibin Ayinikat said...

hey saumin,
you works are awesome !!
i like your style

kunal kundu said...

Absolutely amazing stuff!! The second one works better I guess....

V said...

very nice work...especially like the gq stuff!