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Monday, March 7, 2011

GQ assignment for March 2011

This cover assignment was an enjoyable assignment. People at GQ asked me to adopt the cover of cult game GRAND THEFT AUTO. Idea was to indianise it taking cues from the mumbai underworld. Ian at GQ made a list of ideas he wanted to explore for these visuals and made my work extremely easy. It also showed how observent he was of the subject. After a couple of roughs and colour keys i went on to make the final image.

I am unable to paint well and that is one thing i need to learn from basics. Its these assignments which help me learn more. Here are the pencils and colour roughs along with the final piece. Hope you guys like this.

Thanks to all guys at GQ i got to work on this piece.


pratheek said...

cool stuff! liked the typography (the Mumbai font) in the explorations more than than the one used in the final version.

Unknown said...

Love it!

uxt1s45mp# said...

You are famous on reddit! Enjoy!

MindLess said...

Very well done!!

MindLess said...
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