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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The 19th Step storyboard

This project is just too cool for more thn 10 reasons. lets see few of those.
a) Its a film project with a samurai in India (for me this is the coolest reason. In india we dont get to see samurai's in our films last time any one saw a samurai in hindi film that was PRAN playing a SAMURAI. lo kar lo baat).
b) Its got TADANOBU ASANO (Mongol,Itchi the killer,Zatoichi) playing the lead (I so love toshiro mifune and thought any director to have an actor like him is a gift and then i saw tadanobu asano he is just sooo unpredictable and excellent. one should check out the roles he has him play the bad guy in zatoichi, Ichi the killer...then go and see Mongol. I am a fan of him.)
c) Its a film directred by BHARATBALA. Working with him is really good as he told me only one thing "surprize me". He was very sure of what he wanted and why he wanted it. More fun as he gives you your freedom to perform.
d) music will be done by A.R.Rehman.
e) Film has Kamal Hassan too.
F) Asin as well.
the list can just go on and on and on. You watch the film when it releases.

So this perticular sequence was a training session. so they are not fighting with actual weapons but wooden ones. There were certain bar i was asked to follow. i have not incorporated all the frames from this board. Though it feels like an action sequence its not so...That you shall notice when you watch the film...Again this storyboard was done with a purpose of figuring out elements and props and ideas that can enhance the whole you will notice there is no continuty in the props as each frame suggests a different prop.
I enjoyed working on this i wish i had more sequences to work on.