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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The collaborative effort

Ratnakar matkari is an exrtreamly popular marathi writer. He has written many kinds of works from horror, slice of life, human behaviour, films, plays etc.He has penned down many short stories which have been adoped in radio shows and later for television.
Some time back Ashish had this idea to adopt his short stories into graphic novel medium. He has been a die hard fan of ratnakar matkari's work. Yogesh our writer heard it and he promptly agreed to work on the script as he himslef is a huge fan of ratnakar matkari. Both of them took lot of effort in taking this project ahead. Communicating with Mr.Matkari, getting his approval for this project, Editing, re editing, all of it to bring the selected 6 stories to final comic book script level. lot lot lot of work to get this project even to this pitch level.

I personally liked setups against which the stories take place. these are uniquely indian. As i got to know about the stories more from ashish and yogesh i really started loving the characters in each story. The old lady, the foodie, the kids, a small villege in rural maharastra, the houses these were some elements which i feel give a very very unique visual flavor to the whole story and it was all there written years all we had to do was follow the guidlines laid in the story and try to reinvent it for today's audiance.

We have chosen 6 stories for this anthology. Total page count comes up to 180 pages. out of this 2 stories will be done by me "The Feast" and "Good boys come home before dark" totalling upto 50 pages for me. I am sure this project is going to be a lot of fun atleast for all of us working on it. Lets hope we get to get this book out fasssssssssssssttttttttt so that all you people can also enjoy it.


Unknown said...

somw stuff dude... i would really like to see the whole stories...

Keep it up

Kane Lew said...

Hey Sau,

You doing some great stuff.
Keep up the good work.

sanju said...
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sanju said...

Saumin amazing style
you works are awesome......
i like your style
very nice work